Our History

When Joan Ibbotson moved to Canada from England in 1966, she was astonished at the lack of high quality fashion available to residents of Kitchener. Her wish was to bring some of the culture and beautiful clothing from Europe to Kitchener. And she has more than succeeded. By importing designer clothing from Montreal and Europe, Biba boutique has re-created its unique version of "New York, at the corner of King and Madison."

The understated elegance of Biba can only be truly experienced by a visit to the boutique. Even a first-time visitor will immediately appreciate the attention to detail, the flawless co-ordination of every display and the personal consideration given to each client.

The recurring theme surrounding the philosophy of Biba boutique is exemplary customer service. "Each of our clients is an individual and has a unique lifestyle."

"Not every outfit is right for each of our customers. We know our customers to such an intimate degree that when a new piece comes into our store, we know exactly who it will be perfectly suited to. Trust is the key. Each of our fashion consultants is committed to finding the best outfit for you."


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Biba Boutique